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For your clients

We create your unique online portal to the software, with a dashboard so you can add users and send them a link so they can access it:

Using BuBul is like entering a virtual room with 25 business experts who are ready to help you. Like any good business adviser, they ask questions to understand the client’s current position and plans.

Each answer determines who asks the next question and what they need to know.

When the experts have the full picture (this takes up to an hour), BuBul produces recommendations tailored to that individual business.

For existing businesses, BuBul also creates a customer map of every customer touchpoint in the business and highlights those that need attention.

For you

BuBul provides a clear and helpful dashboard. It shows you:

  • the top 5 recommendations for all your clients who have used BuBul (with links to relevant articles you can send to your clients)
  • a prioritised list of individual recommendations for each client who has completed the questions, so your advice conversations with them can be more informed and productive.