The Business Start-Up Mapper

Thanks for visiting us from the Yorkshire Powerhouse – hello!

Over 300,000 people start a new business each year in the UK. I remember the excitement of first making the decision, then all the planning, putting it all together, seeing my website and business cards for the first time and then going to my first ever network meeting.

I also remember the long hours, watching the balance in my bank account reduce rapidly, the mistakes I made and all the different ways I tried to market the business before I found what worked for my target market!

That’s why I designed the Business Start-Up Mapper.

Rather than just being a checklist of things for you to think about or do, it asks you about what you will sell, your target market, what skills and experience you have, your plans for the future and what you have already done to set your business up.

It’s not just a standard set of questions though – every answer you give is analysed to determine what the next question should be. That means everyone who uses it gets a unique set of questions – the right ones for them and their business, so no time is wasted.

Then it analyses your answers again to work out what you need to do to successfully launch your business and gives you a number of recommendations which are again unique to you and your business.

But telling you what to do is only useful to a point. I found that, when I knew what to do, I still spent lots of time working out how to do it!

So the Business Start-Up Mapper not only tells you what to do, it gives you hints and tips on how to do it – from 30 carefully selected local experts with over 200 years experience in helping new businesses between them. And you get access to the experts if you need more help.

The Business Start-Up Mapper is designed to save you time, money and effort when starting a new business to give you the best possible chance of success.

It normally costs £30 including VAT, but as a thank you for visiting from the Yorkshire Powerhouse, you can buy it now for just £24. Use the discount code YP20 at the checkout:

Whether you use the Mapper or not, I wish you every success with your new business and hope to see you at network events in Yorkshire soon!

Nigel Greenwood – Simply Customer Managing Director and tea boy!