Getting Attention

Getting Attention!



The internet has had a great impact by making it much easier to access information.

The only problem is that there is too much information! That has caused people’s attention spans to shrink. People need to find the information they are looking for very quickly, or they will simply move on to another website. This doesn’t apply if someone is looking at your website because they have used you before, or because you have been recommended to them, but for the vast majority of your site visitors it does.

Think about why someone would check out your site – what are they looking for? Is it a solution to a problem they have, a means to satisfy a need? This is especially important if you have a lot of competitors – make your business stand out by being immediately clear how you meet customer needs.

Take this site for example:


It’s a firm of solicitors – one of many (I googled “solicitor in Leeds” and got 19.5m responses). Imagine I need a solicitor quickly because my wife has just asked me for a divorce – what sort of state would I be in?

Compare it to this site:

I can see immediately that they can help me – without having to click through numerous pages. Which one do you think I would call?

If I’m a business who wants to convert more leads to sales, I might google “how do I improve lead conversion (I get 202,000 hits) – would I contact this business?

Or would I contact this one?

So, take time to work out what are the main reasons someone may visit your site – and make sure you show them on your homepage!