What is growth hacking?

What is growth hacking?

We all want to grow our businesses – and often as quickly as possible. So how do you do it?


Growth hacking is a set of rapid experiments and tests across marketing and other business functions to identify how you can reach your target market, engage with them and get them to buy (and repeat buy) from you.

Normally it involves teams of people, lots of test and learn activity in a short space of time, discarding anything that doesn’t work and focusing on those that do to quickly drive results.

So, it costs money, time and effort and involves lots of learning – but how can you get the same results faster, cheaper and easier?

Introducing The Business Growth Mapper.

It knows what questions to ask. It analyses your answers to show you where you need to make changes to grow your business rapidly and profitably – and it brings together 12 experts to show you how to make the changes. Growth hacking the traditional way will take time, money and effort, but the Business Growth Mapper costs just £120 including VAT, takes 30 minutes to complete and gives you the expert advice you need to grow your business quickly.

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Still not convinced?


If you don’t want to save money, time and effort growing your business, here are some simple tips to make growth hacking work for you!


1.       Identify your target customers. By that we don’t mean name them, but what do they look like, where do they live, what do they like to do, what social media do they use, what triggers their emotions, what keeps them awake at night? Write detailed descriptions of each type of target customer. You can get more help here

2.       Review your business processes – understand the customer journey. Spending time and effort on growth hacking only pays off if once having attracted someone’s attention, they buy from you and become a loyal customer. Every aspect of the journey has to be right. You can get help with your customer journey here.

3.       Be prepared to fail – many times! You will be trying a number of different approaches on a test and learn basis. Many of them will fail and at times it will feel like you are getting nowhere, but keep learning and you will succeed eventually.