Marketing Strategy

Why do you need a Marketing strategy?

Why do you need any form of strategy?

To get you from A to B effectively and with the right end result.

A marketing strategy isn’t just something that sounds good when you talk about it in a meeting, it’s a key tool that when used properly will guide both you and your business in the key decisions that you make.

A marketing strategy gives you direction and enables you to measure your performance against your  key objectives.

So here’s some top tips that you need to think about when creating your marketing strategy…

End Result

This is the whole point of creating a marketing strategy in the first place, to move you from A to B and if you’re not sure what A or B are you can’t possible build the plan effectively. You need to have a clear idea as to what success looks like.

But we don’t want any woolly statements like ‘We need more sales’ or ‘We need more customers’ that just won’t cut it. You need to get specific, let’s take sales as an example:

You want to improve sales – by how much, what’s the % uplift? Across what time frame? On which product? To which customers?

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) is a great tool to use to help you focus on what your objectives are and helps to keep you realistic in terms of results and time frames.

Do your research and understand your customer

If you don’t understand who it is that you are talking to or targeting with your marketing strategy, then how can you possibly deliver the results that you need? You need to have a clear profile of who your customer is so that you can use the right marketing activity to reach them and deliver to them the right message which will convert.

By profile we mean thinking about what kind of person they are, what’s their name, how old are they, do they have a family, where do they live, what do they like to do in their spare time, which social media channels do they use? Start to build up a picture of that person so that you can ‘stand in their shoes’ when thinking about marketing messages and how to reach them. In a B2B scenario don’t forget, that person doesn’t switch off from work the minute they get home, you can still reach them on a personal as well as professional level.

Don’t forget who you are

It can be too easy when chasing an increase in sales to forget what your brand and business stands for. The implementation of your strategy should be through your brand personality to ensure you remain authentic to your target customer. For example, if you’re a small accountancy firm don’t pretend to be the world’s best just to get more sales in, it won’t appear genuine and it won’t resonate with your target customer.

Think about your Superheroes

We believe there are six stages to consider within every marketing strategy and that’s why we call them our Superheroes. The Superheroes will help you to think about your messages at every stage and using your customer profiles you can think about which marketing activity to use to reach your customer at each stage too.

The six key stages to think about are:

Awareness – you need to be on your target customer’s shopping list

Interest – once they’re aware of your business how can they find out more about you?

Evaluation – they need to know whether you’re as good as you say you are

Trial – how could you get them to sample your product or service to help get the sale across the line?

Adoption – they’ve become a customer, what would be your welcome process?

Loyalty – how are you going to keep them as a customer to deliver you the long-term value?

We’re ThinkSmart Marketing. If you’d like more support with your marketing strategy or just a guiding hand, we’d love to hear from you.

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