How to choose a recruitment agency

Using a recruitment agency to find you employees can save you time and effort, but it important to choose the right one for you – here are our top tips:

 1.       What do they need to know from you? – make sure they will ask sufficient questions to make sure they really understand your business, especially the culture and your future plans. They should be looking for someone who will fit your culture as well as having the skills, experience and attitude you are looking for.

2.       How do they find candidates? – how large a database do they have, what social media or platforms do they use? Make sure the use the channels that you believe good prospective employees will use.

3.       How do they vet applicants? You want an agency that will work hard to give you a shortlist of excellent candidates rather than just sending you some cvs Make sure they interview people before recommending them – ideally in person but by phone as a bare minimum.

4.       How will they help you evaluate the candidates? – do they have tests, help with the interview or do they supply suggested interview questions? The more they help, the less time and effort it will take you to find the right person!

5.       What do they expect from you? Are they interested in feedback on candidates so they can continually improve the quality of people they refer to you?

6.       What testimonials do they have and can you speak to previous clients of theirs?

7.       What do they charge? A normal cost is 20% to 25% of the starting salary. If they charge more or less than this, ask why.

8.       What guarantees do they offer? If a candidate leaves or does not work out in a certain period (normally 3 months), do they offer a money back or replacement guarantee? (look for a replacement rather than money back guarantee as getting your money back doesn’t sort out your staff issue!)

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