Two Tools


Business Growth Mapper


100+ questions about your business

  • All your key customer touchpoints mapped

  • Recommendations and expert advice for the whole of your customer’s journeys.


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Simple to use, easy to understand

  • First, you’ll answer some questions about your business

  • The tool then analyses your answers to give you a map of how customers interact with your business, plus clear, simple and practical recommendations for growing your profits

  • You will also have access to advice from 12 business experts with over 165 years’ combined experience to help you make the recommended changes

  • If you don’t get impactful, actionable insights from this process, we will refund you in full

Before mapping my journey with Simply Customer only 10% of customers signed up for ongoing fees, now its 80%

— Paula Atherill – Creative Analysis

Business Start-Up Mapper


When you are starting a new business, there is a lot to learn and do – but how do you find out what YOU still need to do? Normal checklists are generic and you can waste time, but this tool asks about you, your business and your plans to work out what your “To do” list should be – then it gives you the advice you need to get your business off to a flying start!


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