Using Data for Direct Mail

Using data for direct mail

Targeted direct mailings are much more profitable than the normal “scatter gun” approach.

So how do you target the right customers?

One way to do it is to analyse your existing customers to understand what are the key characteristics they have in common (such as income, type of house, family circumstances, job etc).

Once you have done that you can then search for other people with similar characteristics.

Often this is done at postcode level, which means you can target specific postcode areas that you can see have a high proportion of your target customers.

There are a number of providers that can help you. One example is Target Intelligence (

All you need to do is to create an excel file which shows your best customers postcodes, and upload it. The system will do the analysis for you to detail the key characteristics you should look for. Then you can use the system again to identify other postcode areas that you should be mailing.