Using Video for Marketing

Using video for marketing

Prospective customers find video marketing more memorable and easier to engage with than written material – but you only have a few seconds to get their attention.

Think of each video as a separate sales funnel. You need to:

–          Get someone’s attention

–          Deliver something of value

–          Make your sales pitch and

–          Convert them to a customer.

Here are 5 top tips:

A good thumbnail will get attention

Use a banner with either a question such as: “Do you want to convert more leads?” or a statement such as: “Don’t miss this opportunity!”  Emojis or unusual pictures also work.

Know your target market and what they are looking for

Why would someone watch your video? What issue, challenge or problem may they be looking to solve?

Use your opening words to connect to their specific need. Introduce the issue or pain point they may be experiencing quickly. Use direct language with words such as “you” or “your company.” Ask direct questions (“Are you concerned about…..” or start to tell a story that they will identify with (“I used to worry about…..”.

Deliver Value

Once it is clear what issue or challenge your product or service can help with, give some practical advice that a viewer can take and use immediately – even without buying your product. This helps a viewer trust you and gives you credibility.

Use your customers language

Don’t use acronyms or fancy terms. How would your target audience talk about the issue or challenge you are covering? Think about their emotions and use simple language wherever possible.

End with A Call To Action

Make sure you tell the viewer what their next step should be – and how to do it. Even if it seems obvious to you, it may not be to your viewers, so explain it – even if it is something simple like “Call me” or “Buy now” and there is a button called that on the page below the video!

Making it easy for someone to take the next step greatly increases the chances that they will do so!