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About Simply Customer

Simply Customer was founded by Nigel Greenwood after spending 25 years working with large corporates to design and deliver great customer experiences and customer centric business processes. He realised that no-one was journey mapping for SMEs even though they were much more likely to implement change and see dramatic results, so decided to help SMEs grow by mapping their customer journeys to point out and deliver small changes that deliver BIG changes.

As Head of Channel Management at HBOS he used journey mapping to deliver a 30% increase in sales through 2 small changes to the sales process. As Head of Customer Loyalty he designed and delivered a customer retention programme which in its first year halved the number of customers leaving. He has run international customer journey map masterclasses as well as working with businesses across a number of industries to create customer journey maps, identify key issues and generate ideas and action plans for improvements.

He has written 3 books on customer experience, all aimed at helping SME business owners grow their businesses, and likes nothing better than talking common sense over a good cup of Yorkshire tea!